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    HOA Mobile Manager App Overview

    The HOA Mobile Manager App is an Apple mobile device application. The installation of the HOA Mobile Manager App can be accomplished by searching the Apple App Store for the entire phrase "HOA Mobile Manager" or “dwellingLIVE”. Otherwise the HOA Mobile Manager App can be accessed through the Apple iTunes App overview web page for the App at following URL Address:


     When using the mobile device to enter the above URL into the Web Browser Address Bar, the mobile device will suggest to “Open this page in “App Store?” — click “Open” and then on “Get” to install the App on the device.

    Sign In access to the HOA Mobile Manager App is based on the user's Mobile Access Privileges on mobile enabled Community site(s). Only users with Manager Security Role Permission or higher will be granted Mobile Access Privileges to Sign In. Additionally, the HOA Mobile Manager App is a product which is ONLY for Jenark integrated clients who have purchased the Jenark Violations Module. Please contact Support with any access related questions via email at Support@AssociationVoice.com or call 303-322-5425.

    HOA Mobile Manager App Navigation        

     The HOA Mobile Manager App provides access to all open violations offline; therefore, users wishing to record and manage CC&R violations on the go should always Download Selected site data when the mobile device data connection is strong.

    Sign In

    The HOA Mobile Manager App will always open to the Sign In screen. The Username and Password are the same ones used to access the AssociationVoice website(s).

    The HOA Mobile Manager App proceeds by verifying the Username and Password.

    NOTE: HOA Mobile Manager App screens gray out whenever a communication process is active and will not allow other functions to be initiated until the current process completes.

    Successful login will proceed to download the Community site(s) associated to the user’s Mobile Access Privileges. The user is advised the download time can take some time based on the number of communities they can access and will display a “Building association list…” progress bar.

    Failed login will display a dialog box advising the user to check the Username and Password. Either selection of Ok or Cancel will allow for credential edits.

    Community List Screens

    IF there are multiple sites configured with Mobile Activation, these sites will be listed in the Community List screen.

     Approximation of Open Violations per Community are shown in blocks of fifty (50). Once the Community site(s) are downloaded the value will reflect the actual amount of Open Violations. Communities with an amount equal to “(~0)” do not have any Open Violations which is typical of new sites without any recorded violations.

    IF the list of multiple sites surpasses the screen length, the “Search” field begins searching based on a single character of the Community name.

    Selection of a Community adds a check mark to the far right of the listed Community. A lower navigation bar will display with options to Deselect All and Download Selected (#) — where # is the value associated to the number of selected Communities.

    The HOA Mobile Manager App allows up to ten (10) Community selections within a single Download request.

     Proceed to download Community violation data by selecting Download Selected (#).

    Upon selecting Download Selected (#) a progress bar will display indicating the “Download Address” percentage.

    After the Download Address process completes the user is advised the App is “Currently making all open violations for communities offline. Depending on the number of open violations this could take some time.”

     A progress bar will display the Community currently in the “Downloading Violations…” process and includes the percentage completed. Multiple Communities will process one at a time and each will display progress as indicated on the screen.

    Once the Download process completes the HOA Mobile Manager will display the Downloaded Communities screen. This screen can contain one (1) to (10) Communities — no more, no less.

    The user is now able to travel to the remote location and can proceed to record and manage CC&R violations on the go.

     Select the listed Community to navigate to the Open Violations List screen.

    Open Violation Screens

    The Open Violations List screen displays all open violations for the Community.

    The “Search” field on the Opens Violation screen can search by Address — a single character in the field is sufficient to begin the search.

    NOTE: The “Search” field is not dynamic and does not auto-complete. Entry into this Search field must be followed by a “click: on the keyboard “Search” button. Results will display selections closest in match to the entry made.

    The “Search” field on the Opens Violation screen can also search by Violation Type.

     The Violation Types are determined by the violations which have been setup within the Jenark Violations Module. The Jenark Module allows the user to setup different types of violations with its associated code. The Search field will accept entry by the Violation Type or the Violation Code. For example, typing "Bo" will display the "BOAT VIOLATION (BOAT)".

    Report A New Violation

    Selecting the "+" icon within the Open Violations screen enables entry of a new violation and will open the Report Violation screen.

    The Report Violation screen is set by default to an “Open” Status.  The Monitor status is used when the user does not wish to send the violation into Jenark. This way the user can still record the violation on the mobile device and keep track of it. A Closed status will forward the violation into Jenark as a Closed violation and will become an archived violation that will not require additional actions within Jenark.

    The “Address” field is dynamic and has been designed with an “auto-complete” feature. Entry will provide a drop-down of selections closest in match to the entry made. As characters are entered into these fields the available matches will decrease.

    The “Violation Type” field will accept entry by the Violation Type or the Violation Code – it is also an auto-complete field.

    The “Details” text box is included so the user can add details of the violation and have it populate the "Description" field in the Jenark Violations Module. “Internal Notes” do not forward to Jenark but do remain as an editable field on the mobile device.

    Entry completion in the “Overview” tab enables the user to include photos of the violation by selecting the Photos tab in the bottom navigation bar. Chosen tabs are wrapped in RED shading — checked () below and to the left display as chosen tabs.

    Selecting the “Photos” tab exposes the “Take Photo” and “Add Photo” buttons within the Photos tab:

    The first use of the HOA Mobile Manager App requires acceptance of requested access for the “Add Photo” and “Take Photo” features.

    Upon granting access to the “Add Photos” feature the user can select a desired photo located in the device storage and add it to the reported violation.

    Normal mobile device camera usage resumes with granted photo access.

    Either of the Photo tab features
    — Add Photo or Take Photo —
    allows the user to “Cancel” at any time.

    NOTE: When added Photos are not required for the reported violation this section can be skipped. Please jump down to the Upload process section that begins at the top of page 9 (below).

    Once the photo is captured on the device the options to “Use Photo” or “Retake” will display within the bottom navigation bar. 

    Use Photo” adds the image into the “Photos” tab.

     The “Retake” option enables the user to attempt the photo capture anew.

    The “Photos” tab displays up to nine (9) photos for each Violation Step. In this example, there is only one added photo; however, if nine photos had been added they would display in a 3 x 3 grid —the screen then becomes scrollable.

     Selection of "Submit" redirects the user back to the Open Violations screen.

    NOTE: The Upload counter changes count; from zero (0) to one (1) to account for the newly submitted violation. This counter will also change in value as updates to violations are submitted.

     The Open Violations screen will sort per address in descending alpha numeric order and will also group address violations starting with the oldest on top and newest on bottom. The newly added violation in this screen capture is distinguishable since the other existing violations display thumbnails for added photos. After upload and community re-download the thumbnail for this reported violation will display.

    Selecting “Upload” warns the user of a required Internet access connection. The HOA Mobile Manager App must have a strong data connection for upload success.

     Click “Ok”

    Once the “Ok” button is clicked in the “Connection Required” dialog box, the Upload Violations percentage meter displays.

    Summarily to the download communication processes the HOA Mobile Manage will set the Upload communication process as a priority and will gray out the “Downloaded Communities” List screen until completion.

    Report Violations Message and Icons

    The HOA Mobile Manager App incorporates added informational features which streamline the Report Violation process. These noteworthy informational aides are designed to assist in the reduction of duplicate violations whenever reporting new violations.

    Open and Reported Message

     The Report Violation screen “Open and Reported” message will only display within the Report Violation screen.

    This informational message indicates the days since the very same Violation Type was last reported for specified address. Here, the same violation “was reported 2 days ago” and it is suggested to review the violation prior to continuing to report a new violation for the same Violation Type.

    Selecting “Back” will display a warning about cancelling the violation in process.

    Click “Ok” to discard and return to the Open Violations List screen or “Cancel” to continue reporting the violation.

    Address and Violation Type Icons and Screens

    The icon next to the Address field indicates the number of violations linked to the selected address. The count is based on the lifetime of homeowner violations and is tied to the homeowner and not to the property.

    The icon next to the Violation Type field indicates the number of open violations for the specified Violation Type open for the selected Address.

    Selecting the Address field icon opens the Address Information screen that displays all open violations and is filtered by the specified Address.

     Select “Back” to navigate out of this screen and return to the previous Open Violation screen.

    Selecting the Violation Type field icon opens the Violation Info screen that displays results filtered by only the specified Violation Type for the specified Address.

     Select “Back” to navigate out of this screen and return to the Open Violation screen.

    Updating Open Violations

    The Open Violations screen also initiates other follow up steps in the HOA Mobile Manager App for any open violation which exist in Jenark and has associated Jenark violation action items that have updated the HOA Mobile Manager App at download. 

    Open Violations List Screen

    Selection of any of the open violations from within the “Open Violations List” screen will open the violation for continued update and editing in the HOA Mobile Manager App. Page 5 (above) references the Open Violations List Screen which contains the “downloaded” open violations data that exists in Jenark Violations Module.

    Open Violation Screens

    The Open Violation screen displays the Violation number, the Reported On date, the Address, and Violation Type details. This screen has a three tabs within the bottom navigation bar:

    Whenever the Status of a violation is changed to “Closed” the submission updates Jenark with the Date Completed as the Jenark Compliance Date and the violation will be Closed in Jenark.

    The Date Completed for the associated Step(s) is the date the letter or the notice was sent to the homeowner and does not necessarily equate to the Due Date. The step dates can be changed within the HOA Mobile Manager App but most often the user options to allow the dates to be configured in Jenark and populated into the HOA Mobile Manager App. However, if a date is changed and added in the HOA Mobile Manager App it will forward to and update Jenark. Any text entered into the "Comments" field for any of the violation step(s) will update Jenark.

    Clicking the “Photo icon” enables the HOA Mobile Manager to insert any existing violation photos. Thereafter, selection of the photo opens a photo viewer which enlarges and maximize the photo for better viewing on the mobile device. IF there are multiple photos the pop-up will allow the user to scroll through all the photos.

    Both the “Add Photo” and “Take Photo” features are available for additional photo attachments.

     “Submit” can be selected on any tab and after any update or edit.

    Log Out       

     Log out is achieved from the Downloaded Communities List screen by selecting “Clear” in the top header.

    Whenever “Log Out” is selected the HOA Mobile Manager will request confirmation before proceeding with the requested action. An added dialog box will display to inadvertently avoid clearing the mobile device of the Downloaded Communities.

    Clicking “Ok” clears the mobile device of the stored violations data for the downloaded communities.

    Troubleshooting The HOA Mobile Manager App 

    This section outlines additional details and contains known issues for the HOA Mobile Manager App version 1.0.

    Download And Upload Communication

    The wireless communication signal on the mobile device must be strong and constant for violation data to download and/or upload successfully. It is suggested that both the Wi-Fi and/or mobile carrier signal display a solid (5 bars) for the HOA Mobile Manager App to work as expected. Any impediments to the wireless connection will impact the communication performance for violations data to and from the HOA Mobile Manager App. Whenever connection is weak or lost the user should retry after the wireless connection is re-established and remains stable.

    Jenark Updates

    Uploads are real-time updates from the HOA Mobile Manager App that push into Jenark. Any new reported violations and any changes to an existing violation will update Jenark in real-time at upload success. This is ONLY for violations with Open and Closed status in the HOA Mobile Manager App and does not pertain to the Monitor status. NOTE: IF a violation is Closed the violation becomes "read-only" and can no longer be edited. This is a limitation established in Jenark and will compel the user to add a new violation if it was inadvertently closed.

    Known OS 10 Issue

    iOS 10.x times out HTTPS connections after one (1) minute and this impacts downloads of Communities with high volume of open violations. IF this occurs a message will display indicating the need to close the HOA Mobile Manager App and retry the download after five (5) minutes.


     The attached photo(s) are optimized by the HOA Mobile Manager App and the screen resolution of the mobile device will not impose a size limitation on the attachment(s). Additionally, there is no limitation on the amount of attached photo(s) a user can add to a violation – all photos will be forwarded and update Jenark.

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