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    Software Support Service Level Objectives

    These are the targets that we strive for to provide a world class customer experience.

    Software Service Level Objectives

    System Availability Target *

    Support Ticket Response Objectives **

    Initial Response
    Follow-up Communication
    System completely unavailable
    <2 Business hour

    Every 2 business hours
    Major impact to system resulting in significant loss of business functionality

    <4 Business hours
    Every business day
    Moderate impact to business operations but work around available

    <1 Business day
    Every 3 business days
    Minor issue, request to change functionality, design change, or documentation request

    <2 Business days
    As needed

    Our business hours are from 6am - 6pm Mountain Time.

    * System availability is defined as being able to reach target website and login.

    ** Response objectives are not contractual commitments.  Response objectives are measured across all support tickets received.  

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